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Thursday October 24th 2002
Offline Journal Entry 1 10:50 am-
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So I’ve decided to start an offline journal. I’ll keep this at work and upload it when I get home. I’m already getting the shakes because I don’t have an internet connection at work. I forgot the implication this will mean. First and foremost it means I can’t update my website from work. Second it means no more Dark Age of Camelot at work. When I think about it, it’s kind of pathetic how such a little thing brings me such immense pleasure.

I also am interested in finding out just how many of you that come to my site have some kind of broadband connection. Which brings me to mention I have a new poll running. The question is a easy yes or no. Do you have broadband? It’s over on the right. Go and vote if you get a chance.

Another thing worth asking, is just how many of you run some kind of pop up stopper? If you don’t and even if you do I’m going to pimp the one I use. http://www.emsproject.com/FS is the link to the EMS Free Surfer website. It is as the name suggests a free program. If you come to my pop up heavy website then this is something you need if you don’t have one already.

I had a wish list that I made a while ago. Two of the items are taken care of. Those being getting the computer working and getting broadband. The next item on the list is dropping my free server here at Virtual Avenue and getting a host I will pay for. It’s another one of those things that I don’t really need, but must have. A paid host will enable me to have access to PHP and MySql databases.

This will enable me to do some fancier things with my website. Not to mention it will give a lot more space to play with. I have fifty megs with this free deal. The paid host I’m thinking about switching to offers 500mb of space. Seeing how I’ve almost used up the whole 50 megs, extra space won’t hurt. Just imagine all of the stupid game screenshots I could put up with 500mb of space. The only problem with this is that it may cause trouble with the free e-mail accounts I offer. I will update when I have more info on that.

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