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Saturday May 15th 1999
Advice From A Madman 4:50 pm-
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Four more days to the opening of The Phantom Menace. I’m starting to get excited. On Tuesday me and Izer and Kenan will be having a Star Wars marathon run of the first set of movies.

I heard from a hotel employee again, At first I did not understand the first email.

Just wanted you to know that their must be a lot of unhappy people, at least you and me, if you get the hint ! ! ! !

Then I got this next one which made it clearer.

Well as you know theirs a new FDM. One almost has to feel sorry for him. As the newest victim on the unemployment line, I guess I just want everyone to know that it’s not his fault. Society as a whole has let this gentleman down, it has taught him that this is just a throw away society and instead of facing situations and attempting to work them out, you just get rid of them. One has to actually feel sorry for someone like this and attempt to understand the fact that it’s not their fault. Like I said, society as a whole has let him down, explains a whole lot about all his ex-wives. You have to understand that someone like this has no soul, just a big black hole where one use to be. “The flowers that where laid upon her breast will shed no fragrance to a heart forever stilled.” That’s enough serious stuff, any advise for someone joining you in the unemployment lines?

Well it seems as of late a few of you hotel people have been expecting advice from me. I really don’t have any for you. I’m out of touch as far as the hotel is concerned. So any judgment on my part would be unfair. The last time I heard from any of the hotel people it seemed like this new FDM was an ok guy. I have only seen the guy and have not spoken to him so I can’t make that gut reaction to how he is. This guy did work the bellman job to learn how it goes, so I thought that was kind of neat. The putz he succeeded never tried that. So automatically this guy gets my approval. Again though I say I have never really talked to the guy so my bullshit/asshole detector has never had a chance to peg him for what he is. So I will have to take the black hole of a soul as an opinion of someone else’s. And if Mr No Soul wants to toss in his two cents he is more than welcome. But remember I won’t tell who the author of the above emails are, so if anyone wants to know that I say tough shit. And once more let me state this website is my personal journal. So if anyone doesn’t like what’s here you should have never came here in the first place.

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