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Friday October 24th 2003
Train This! 7:39 am-
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So we have training coming up. Which just makes me all happy inside and I’m singing the “happy happy joy joy” song from Ren and Stimpy. I also enjoy the fact that someone new is going to train me. Now it all depends on the type of training of course.

If the training is related to the realm of the computer, well I don’t see what someone who’s been here since the 14th of this month is going to be able to teach. Of course if it’s the standard bore me out of my mind customer training, then I guess I could be taught all kinds of shit. Shit I admit I may need that kind of training for obvious reasons. Here is something I heard and it made me laugh:

This is mandatory training. If you cannot attend the times or days specified, you will need to contact <the person> and schedule a time that you can attend training. If you choose not to attend or do not make arrangements for other times and dates, you do not need come back to work.

It’s this part that almost sounds inviting “you do not need come back to work”, at least to me it does. I’m kidding of course. It also sounds almost like a dare, maybe even a double dare. And the time good for me? Let’s say any time between 10 pm and 8 am, ok? And on the days I work.

Do you know what they say about first impressions? It the first meeting that leaves the best impression, or is that just me? I like how I have yet to even meet this person. Of course it’s cool. But if I was to become the guy (or gal) in charge, I would make sure to meet all of my employees. It would be imperative to do so. You wouldn’t want any one getting the wrong impression.

But of course I’m very sure this new person has heard all about me from my buddies at the hotel. I wanted to take the opportunity to be the first to say hello. Welcome to the hotel and all that. With some luck they may last longer than some of the other managers that held the position.

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