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  • Friday November 23rd 2001
    Real World Bah! 3:46 am-
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    So I don’t know if any of you pay attention to stuff on my site or not. On the right below the Hotelblues.com email login there is an info box with my guys name and level. I have been updating it as I have leveled up. I’m sitting at level 16 at the time of this post. The more I play DAoC, the more I love it. There are some deep elements to this game.

    It really is more than a hack and slash kind of rpg. I recently took up trade skills. And this is where the game gets interesting. There are a number of trade skills. Weapons crafting, Armor crafting, Siege crafting, and a number of others. I picked up the Weapons craft. Weapons a player can make are superior to what the npc’s sell. And I figured it goes good with my fighter type guy.

    I also had the privilege to get some time grouping with a Guild Mate named Aix who is level 19. Now this gives the lower level members of the party a huge experience boost. I made two levels in one day. In a number of hours actually. I got to say the joining the AOD Guild was a fine decision. Grouping up with other players is the way to go. Having Guild Mates makes it so much easier to find a group.

    There are so may things to look forward to as I gain levels. I also continue my trade skill apprenticeship. The higher my trade skills are, better weapons become available for me to make. Then there is the realm vs realm aspect of the game.

    This is the player killing feature that is abused in other mmorpg’s. In DAoC realm vs realm is just what it sounds like. You can’t kill players in your own realm. When you get to a level you can handle life in the frontier areas you can meet new people and kill them. No talking, so the immature taunts of teenagers won’t fill your chat interface. Realm vs Realm is handled like an encounter with a foreign people. And it’s small raids in which you can try to conquer parts of the enemy territory. Really cool feature. If a player has sufficient skill in the before mentioned Siege craft, you have actual medieval siege weapons to help with your conquering of enemy castles.

    If you play Everquest or any other mmorpg I suggest giving DAoC a try. You may forget all about those other games.

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    November 2001
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