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Wednesday April 18th 2001
MOD Shift Two 8:30 pm-
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Well it’s MOD shift again, and I’m bored out of my mind. It’s been really quiet around here the last few months. And it seems I write more when people give me something to work with. It seems the gods know this as well. Someone named Septembervirgin wrote in and they follow my readers weird profile. Anyway this is what they had to say in the GuestBook:

Name: septembervirgin
Where: I’m scooting about, seeking naught but casual fascinations
Date: 04/17/01
Time: 08:09 AM


Avoid time travelers! Are groundhogs the missing link between gophers and beavers? I’m bored to insanity, someone please eke out a merciful conversation to me.

If you have not seen the film Heavenly Creatures, do so pronto. If you have not read the novel Vurt (by Jeff Noon), do so pronto. If you have not listened to Another Day by This Mortal Coil, pronto Tonto lasso that mountebank. Heeyah.

I have not see the film Heavenly Creatures, so I can’t comment. As far as Vurt, I have to admit it’s not one I have read. I’m just not really into the cyberpunk genre, but I will give it a try. And here is strike three. The Mortal Coil just isn’t my thing. The Amazon.com info thingie said this:

The debut release by this superstar-Goth outfit shined (and still does) in all its glorious misery and despair.

Now I don’t want to sound like a square, but that really isn’t my thing. Is that what you people think? If you knew the music I got into you would laugh. Ross am I missing anything here? I respect Mr. Ross’s opinion on all things, so I will wait for a second opinion from him. Vurt I will give a go. I’m always on the lookout for good Sci-Fi. Thanks for stopping by.

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