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Sunday April 15th 2001
This And That 5:30 am-
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So it been like weeks since I got my lazy ass up to write anything. Usually I can only blame myself, but this time it’s all Jeff “Edris” Lee’s fault. This guy has turned me on the online phenomenon called MUDS. Now MUDS to the uninitiated are also known as Multi User Dungeons. It basically a text only version of EverQuest. The one I have been playing non stop is called Animud. Their website can be reached here.

Now this MUD thing is a lot of fun. You either need a telenet client or you can play the game right at the Caffeine Gamez website through a fancy java applet. Either way check it out.

Now to some other things. First I went out with the Applebee’s girls a couple of nights ago. Megan, Barb, Marie and me stayed out till bar time. And I had a lot of fun. “That one girl” was brought up a few times. I stayed mum on the subject. Now the reason I brought this up is that I had an interesting experience at the before mentioned Applebee’s. Me and the girls got to meet the 2008 future President and Vice-President candidates. I kid you not. Two drunken fucking hillbilly yokels named Johnson and Favor.

It was quite annoying hearing these putz’s talk about their plans for sweeping the 2008 election just about gave me a headache. Future President Johnson solution to the problem with China was to “tell ’em he was sorry and then nuke ’em.” So I guess they will be on the Republican ballot? It seems I always run in to the weird ones at Applebee’s.

Other than that it’s been a slow month. I can’t believe it already the middle of April. Of course summer is just around the corner. And hopefully it’s a nice one.

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