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Sunday June 10th 2001
Laying It Down 9:00 am-
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The bellman last night paid me a complement. At least I think he did. I guess I’m not so up to date on the lingo kids throw around these days. He told me that I “lay it down”. He went on to say he thought it was cool that I spoke my mind and that I wasn’t afraid to tell the managers what I thought. I almost expected him to tell me to “keep it real”.

Now sure it’s pretty neat that the young kids dig me. Well at least this one kid. But I’m not to sure if that’s the message I want to spread around to the youngsters. I really don’t want to make any waves. At least I try not to make any waves. But my sub-conscious has a way of getting me to say and do things that I really wouldn’t want to say. Strictly speaking as a good employee.

But the idea of “laying it down” and “keeping it real” does strike a chord that I find I’m attracted to. I like thinking I’m a badass. I like to think that I’m some kind of crusader for the oppressed. And I just really like to think I’m a thorn in someone’s side. But the truth is that the “they” I refer to probably don’t even give two shits about me. “They” most likely never have even visited this site.

To be honest with you, I’m not even sure why I even bother any more. I do this out of habit? Or maybe part of hopes I will get the chance to “keep it real.” Time will tell. It always does.

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