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Friday February 9th 2001
The GuestBook 1:38 am-
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I had a No Name sign the GuestBook again. This one was short and to the point:

If you know this girl, why don’t you call her?

If I know the girl why don’t I call her? Yeah that’s a good question. I don’t know. Maybe because I’m just a little bit scared to do so. And really what would I say? Anything I would have to say, is nothing she wants to hear. Izer knows what I’m talking about and I can admit nothing. Not to myself or to anyone else.

So maybe it’s best that she doesn’t stop by the site anymore. I sounded stupid on the post on the 7th. Maybe Secretive wasn’t even her. Maybe it was just someone trying to get me going. And maybe they succeeded. She makes me weak, and I don’t like the feeling. My macho ego and all.

No, it’s best to leave it alone. This whole thing is ridiculous. A half of year has gone by, and this is all over some friends who parted ways. It happens. Granted I can’t say the right thing to her. Izer got it right with the git reference. I feel like a Hugh Grant character. Repeating “bugger” over and over. That and “bullocks.”

Let’s wrap this up. Anyone who knows what this is all about re-read January 25th post called Time To Move On. And consider this a dead and taboo subject. And once more I say that’s all I got to say about that in my best Forrest Gump voice.

And we have Adrian who signed the GuestBook once more:

Name: Adrian
Where: the last words of my friend
Date: 02/08/01
Time: 12:02 PM


Hey Turk, how is it going? fine here. Well, its official, I’m going out with Tara. we were going out to the movies last night, but due to the fact that we both had no car, we couldn’t go. Well, gotta go there’s some crazy girl standing behind me in class reading this. OUCH! she just hit me. See ya.

Congratulations Adrian. And good luck. Tell Mr. Peterson I said hi. Better yet tell him Mayo said hi and see if he gets it.

Ol lAADihWQeCQ vl BSN X tV k
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