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Sunday July 11th 1999
The Sister 6:41 pm-
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Well my friends wedding has come an gone. It was fun and a lot of beer was consumed. There were a few moments that will stick in my memory. At the reception toward the end of the night when everyone else was heading over to some bar me and Kevin decided that it would be a lot smarter to stay at the reception hall and finish off the free beer. We stayed until one o’clock in the morning telling jokes and drinking beer with the guys who work at the reception hall.

I got to meet Ross’s sister again after a long time. First let me say that after meeting her three times I can say she is a very smart and beautiful woman. It’s one of those gut instinct calls. But she makes me very nervous, I haven’t pegged why, she just does. I don’t think in a bad way. Its another one of those weird feelings one can get when they meet someone. Maybe some form of a slight deja vu experience or something.

Any way we all had way to much fun and probably indulged a little to much in the consumption of alcohol. Although someone had to do it so it might as well have been us. Well I have to go eat at Grammas and then head back to Mosinee. So I will see everyone later.

keSn eCyOmd
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