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Tuesday July 6th 1999
More Starfleet Command 5:19 pm-
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I was looking around for some info on the game Starfleet Command and found some neat stuff for the demo. First up are some new missions that are playable within the demo. The best of them a mission in which you get command of a Dreadnaught class ship (pictures are below). You can get this file at SFC Alpha Quadrant, just click the link called Files on the left. To add to the homemade missions also download the plasma torp graphics, that way everything works. You do have to rename a file and put it in the demo’s directory but the readme include with the files tell you how to do this.

The next file is called Starfleet Command demo editor, and it allows you to tweak the Heavy Destroyer in the skirmish mission called the duel. It only work in that mission. I had some problems getting this to work. It tells you to put in a certain folder, yet it doesn’t work correctly when you do it the way the readme says. So I left it in the default folder WinZip puts it in and made a short cut to the program. Then you just have to dump the file the program creates into the right folder in the SFC folder.

Now keep in mind these two files might not work together as I have not tried to edit the ship after playing the new missions. But have fun either way.

And while I’m thinking of it, I have found a way to cheat in this game. You have to edit the file called sfc.ini for this to work. Just open the file up and add the following two lines under the [AI (Artificial intelligence)] heading: AIAttack = 0 and AIMove = 0. 0=no action, and 1=action. So set them to o and the enemy AI will not attack or move. Or let them move and not attack. Its up to you. You can also get higher resolutions out of the game by adding changing another line in the sfc.ini file. Add make the line lowres=0 read lowres=2 under the [3D] heading to get 1024×768 resolution. If anyone needs help e-mail at spider_jerus@hotmail.com because as of tonight I’m heading off to Mosinee again.

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