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Saturday September 26th 1998
Proper Usage Of The Word Fuck 3:00 am-
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I have been meaning to do this for a long while. Seeing how I have been told by a proclamation from the almighty to ix-nay on “pertinent hotel information” I figured this would be a perfect segue into stuff about me. Here we go. And bear in mind this has absolutely nothing to do with “pertinent hotel information” so you have been warned. If you are snooping around for the “pertinent hotel information” (and you know who you are) I have this to say: Fuck Off!!! See no “pertinent hotel information”. Bastards. Its just a bunch of words that have nothing to do with “pertinent hotel information”.

Ok, the word fuck. I like the word fuck. I love the word fuck. If you know me you me you know I use it a lot. That’s because it is a great all purpose word. You can use it in a sentence or just all by its lonesome. And depending on the tone of voice you use the word with it also takes in different meaning. You can say it in many different word combinations. Fucking Bastards. Fucking bitch. Fucking no good fuck. Try it.

First. Fuck as a verb. Go fuck off. in this sentence the word fuck is a verb. Or you can use it as an adjective. Your are a fucking asshole buddy. Or the the Fucking secret word is box. See it has many uses. Or even better it can be used with itself. What a no good fucking fuck bastard. This is my fucking opinion, so live with it. Fuck. See it is good all by its self (no sexual connotations please). Ends my lecture on the word fuck.

And to all my loyal readers out there, don’t take any shit from anybody as Billy Joel says. You guys are more than welcome to e-mail me with anything you want to discuss. It won’t go here, but we will definitely stay in touch.

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One Response to ''Proper Usage Of The Word Fuck''
Jack S. says:
October 22nd, 2005 at 2:19 am

hows about this:
fuck you you fucking fuck
or my personal fav:
you nimnosma of liquid fuck!

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