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Sunday September 13th 1998
Just One More Time 3:00 am-
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It was funny as I was leaving work this morning Sherry had asked me why I had stayed after so long. Of course the most obvious reason was that I was milking the clock. But I wasn’t. I was talking to Ericka(24 times) who just doesn’t usually work mornings. I enjoy talking to Ericka(25 times) because she can carry on a smart and intelligent conversation.

Sherry hadn’t realized that this was the Ericka(26 times) that I’m always referring to on the website. I just thought it funny. Sherry and Ericka(27 times) both work at the same hotel. They just don’t work in the same section of the Hotel. Ericka(28 times) works in the restaurant. Sherry works the front desk. And they both work different shifts. Sherry was like “oh that Ericka(29 times).”

I brought this up for a reason. The first and fore most reason is that I’m a sarcastic son of a bitch. I figured it would be funny to keep a running total of how many times I mention Ericka(30 times) on this site. the real reason I brought this up is that the for the few employees that do read this site its a good way for them to learn about other employees. If of course you accept my opinion of the people I talk about.

I would again like to say that I wish more employees would participate in my little underground newspaper. So if you either work or have worked at the hotel and want to voice your constitutional right of free speech and press send me a e-mail with whatever you have to say. And I’ll put it up either here or in the Two Cents page. Include some kind of title. And tell me if its ok to slap your e-mail address on the title. Managers who visit the site are more and welcome to participate also. Except I wont edit your text for spelling errors. I figure if you can be a manager then you should know how to use a dictionary.

I wanted to just clarify, because of the way I ended yesterdays post that I don’t have anything against Scott or Ericka(31 times). I just figured that I have just been mentioning them a little to often and I didn’t want anyone to get the wrong idea. I think the world of both of them.

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