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Tuesday August 18th 1998
Bad News, Good News 3:00 am-
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On Sunday the 16th Sarah from the front desk was in a car crash. She is doing better now, but it was serious enough of an injury. She had internal bleeding and she ruptured her spleen. Not being a doctor that sounded pretty bad to me. The doctors even were talking about how they might not be able to save her spleen. In the end the doctor did save it.

The whole thing has weirded me out. The last time I saw Sarah prior to the accident we were discussing Hamlet. I lately haven’t been able to get the line “alas poor Yorick. I knew him well Horitio”. Which is about death. The whole fucking play is about death. Sarah responded to me by reciting the beginning of the “to be or not to be speech”, again about death. So I just thought it was weird. maybe its just me.

That was the bad news. The good news is that I got to meet all of Sarah’s family. Lets see we got her mom Terry. Dad Jon and stepmom Tina. then their is sister Jenny and her boyfriend Nate. Oh yeah I forgot about Bob. They are all interesting people. Funny bunch.

Sarah will be in the hospital for about a week. Then she has to be off for six to eight weeks. She will pull through. Me and the other Chris(who I’ve decided is now dubbed Kansas. to avoid confusion) call her Atilla, as in Atilla the Hun. I would like to claim credit, but it was Kansas’s idea.

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