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Tuesday December 27th 2005
Doctor Who 2:45 am-
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Doctor Who is back, again. As 2005 ends a new Doctor Who begins. The 10th Doctor’s first episode played Christmas night over in the UK. The TARDIS crash landed and the Doctor wobbled out of it’s doors to pass out moments later from his troubled regeneration. Rose comes soon after to explain to her mother and boyfriend that this was the Doctor. The mother then of course asks “Doctor Who?”

One Two

It is in these few moments that I hope the mood is set for this season of the Doctor’s adventures. Because in these few moments we are treated with small homages to some of the classic series story elements. The Doctor’s rough regeneration and the Mother delivering the “Doctor Who?” line are small details. In fact if you take the time to watch the 2006 Preview clip from the official site you will see a number of people/things that supports this continued homage to the classic series. In that preview you can catch glimpses of Sarah Jane Smith, K9, and the Cybermen.

That being said the Christmas Invasion was a so so affair. An episode that I thought was mediocre at best, but it showed lots of promise. It had humor and the Doctor (while not passed) showed charm and the dark side often hinted at in the episodes of the Seventh Doctor. The nods to the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy was also rather amusing with the Doctor doing his best imitation of Arthur Dent. On the other hand the bad guys were rather boring, with the head bad guy being rather annoying in his sneering and roaring.

Three Four

With some luck this could be a nice return to the Doctor Who of old. Of course the downside of all of this is that we Who fans here in the states we have to look to slightly “illegal” means of watching the show. Which to me it is a good sign that no US network wants to broadcast this once again very British tv show. As long as they continue to ignore the travesty the 8th Doctor’s one appearance was I’ll be a happy man. And I’m hopping we get to see the real Master once again. It all makes me excited for the new year to get here.

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