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Thursday February 12th 2004
New PC Part 2 5:30 am-
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So today I picked up my router. I went with the NETGEAR RP614. I picked this specific brand mostly for it ease of use with Dark Age of Camelot, which is important. I also picked up a replacement for the cd/dvd combo drive I destroyed. It wasn’t the same as the one I destroyed, but the price equals out after mail in rebates. I only tried out the dvd playback so far, with any luck it will work as advertised.

I also ordered the new graphics card that will go in my new system. I picked the Sapphire ATI Radeon 9600XT for two reasons. Reason one is that I’ve heard lots of good thing about these new Radeon cards. The second reason is that it supposedly comes with a coupon to get Half Life 2 for free. Which are pretty good reasons. Either way I can’t go wrong. The damn thing is twice as fast as my poor GeForce FX 5200. So I’m sure I’ll be happy.

I had some initial problems with the whole file sharing thing with the router. I had some help from Ppapa (the leader of the Camelot guild I’m in), who is like a computer expert. Now I just need to let my firewall let one computer talk to another and I’ll be all set. The router itself was very easy to hook up. I literally plugged it in and rebooted my pc’s and it was working.

It was pretty cool running Camelot on two different computers. I was able to use my buffbot with out worry of it lagging out. This is the kind of inspiration I need to get me to 50. I played for a few hours last night before work and ended up getting in late. When I get home I’ll be firing up the pc’s and logging in to Camelot.

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