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    Monday October 27th 2008
    Games In October 3:33 am-
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    The end of October has too many games coming out and not enough time to play them all.

    First on my list of was Fable 2. It game out on the 21st of this month. Great game. One of the ultimate rpg’s to just fuck around in. It has a great story as well. Coop is kinda shitty. It only lets one character be the hero with the dog. The second player is a generic henchman who can select a save game to funnel all gold and xp into. The camera can not be moved manually with the right stick. It can only be switched around by using the left button on the 360 controller. This is the same no matter if it’s local coop or online coop.

    Dead Space came out of now where. It is a survival horror game with a sci-fi setting. I can only describe it as an Alien/The Thing/Event Horizon inspired game that just blew me away in it’s awesomeness. The game is really creepy as fuck that really takes dismemberment to new levels as you fight your way through many nasty necromorph’s. I can’t recommend this one enough. And I don’t generally get into survival horror games.

    Now on the 28th of this month Fallout 3 hits. In preparation I bought Fallout and Fallout 2 off of GOG.com and have to quicly run through those again. Thanks to a handy High Resolution Patch for both games I can play those at higher resolutions than when the games first came out. Fallout 3 is developed by the guys that made Oblivion and hopefully it doesn’t end up feeling like an Oblivion mod.

    Warhammer Online is the one game I’ve been ignoring. It doesn’t look good for it. With Dead Space, Fable 2 , and Fallout 3 I just don’t have time to play. I may cancel if I get really into the games of October.

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