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Thursday October 27th 2005
Nefarious Plans 6:01 am-
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That old fuck from yesterday just came down. He didn’t seem to be as big a baby as he was yesterday. Maybe someone changed his depends and fed him those shitty cookies they make. The best part was that I was able to be the ignorant northern pain in the ass he ranted about yesterday so well.

His morning routine is to come and get a copy of the USA Today and read it in the lobby. The nice guys that deliver the papers have this bad habit (good in this case) to toss the bundle of papers out the window of their moving car and continue to speed on to their next destination. Usually I would go get the papers and bring them in. Today I let them sit out there. And the old redneck had to bring them in himself. Next when he asked for some scissors to cut open the bundle I informed him I had loaned them out last night and they had not been returned. I watched with glee as the old prick had to pull out a paper from the tight bundle of papers.

So the moral of this story is to do onto others as you would wish them do onto you. I’m going to make it my mission to be as big of an ignorant northern dolt as I can legally get away with when it comes to this piece of shit. I’m going make sure I am the pain in the ass this guy claims I am.

Can you tell I’m still just a little fucking angry? Something magical happened while I was looking at the calender that has something to do with my current state of mind. It’s almost the end of October. What’s the next month? Yes my beloved November! I think I will stretch out my remaining time until the 28th of November. And it will be the one time I will be more than happy to work on that day. What I will do that night will probably be borderline criminal. Which really is just payback for not being able to enjoy my last day when I got fired.

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