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Tuesday January 1st 2008
Tabula Rasa 12:37 am-
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Two months is the max I can take.

Tabula Rasa account successfully cancelled. This account will no longer auto-renew, and you will not be able to log in after your current subscription expires.

It’s sad really. There are some really nice things about the game. Cloning for example. Well the one thing that is nice about the game. It makes starting over something that is not as tedious as it is some other games. In Tabula Rasa one can clone their character if they have clone credits. You can get these credits from doing quests.

After you have clone credits you can clone anytime. What happens is you copy whatever character as it is. Skills points are reset. You keep your level and any advanced class choices you have made. Which is where cloning is nice. At 5, 15, and 30 you get to pick an advanced class. So clone right before 5, 15, or 30 and then you can try the class you did not take for your main character. Below is my Ranger and then his Commando clone I made at right before hitting level 15.

tabula_rasa 2007-12-17 22-00-15-73 tabula_rasa 2007-12-17 22-00-08-64

That being said the game is more or less like World of Warcraft with more guns. It lacks something I call soul. Gawain just says it’s not any fun to play. Which I suppose both are correct. Maybe in a year (if it is still around) I will try it again.

Also one more negative thing to say about Tabula Rasa. Let’s say you join a clan (guild) with a bunch of people you don’t know and then later decide to quit it because you want to play with people you know. You would think it’s a simple matter of clicking the accept button to get into the new clan (guild). Nope. Your told by the game after you click the tease of an accept clan invite button that you have to wait a week in real time before you join a new clan. Why even be able to invite someone to a clan (guild) if they have the week waiting period? Honestly it was very irritating.

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