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Tuesday August 21st 2001
Steers & Queers 3:08 am-
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Hey with a title like this can you guess that I’m talking about the state of Texas? And of course it’s a reference to Full Metal Jacket. Where is this going you may ask? Well it’s the latest poop on the hotel being sold.

It seems that a group from the state of Texas is looking to pick us up. And the headline pretty much sums up how I feel about people from Texas. And remember this is how I feel about these fucks from Texas. If in the future you read stuff with me saying otherwise, well that’s me lying ok? Well that’s how I feel about people from Texas looking to buy the hotel.

So if these boys come in and buy us, it seems that they will be changing us over to another brand. Fuck that I say. I’m not learning another computer system. Unless it’s a windows based operating system. You should see this old unix clunker we have.

The other thing about switching brands is that I will loose my status. What I mean is right now I’m the only one who knows how to the do the audit. I’m valuable. But with a new system I’m just another peon again.

You also may ask is it a good idea to come out and bad mouth our prospective buyers? Fuck them cowboys I say. This is the last hotel I’m going to work at. I hate this goddamned industry. And on a subconscious level I think I want to get fired again. The website that got one man fired twice and can do the same for you. Gosh that has a nice ring to it.

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