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Wednesday August 30th 2000
Lost Data 2:43 pm-
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Well I had a mishap with an uploading that caused this page to revert back to an earlier version. So I lost a few days of posts. I’m going to try and recap what was lost. First we had Karstaedt who said:

You outta add a Karstaedt and Rindfleisch section of your website. WE could add political insight, sports, and trade amusing cheap shots at each other. What do you think?

In direct response to this Ross had this to say in the Guestbook:

Where did you here about my site: a passing pigme
hey man giving those two morons a chance to put out there ” political insight” is like giving George Lincoln Rockwell a permit to parade in Harlem. think long and hard on that one! don’t wreck a good thing

I won’t even comment on GLR. But if we assume Mr. Ross represents one variety of the people that visit this site then the next is at the complete other end of this comparison:

Where did you here about my site: THE ICE MAN!
YO! YO! V A N I L L A I C E!! Hard to Swallow Tour 99 “F U C K T H E C R I T I C S”

Right. And finally Mr. Rindfleisch checked in with this to say:

I see how you are. Just throw your friends e-mails right into the trash. I believe that technically it would translate into ground beef but anyway. what’s with the mushy stuff? Are you getting soft on me? You know this isn’t a secure line don’t you? What’s new? Anything? I’ll talk to ya later.

Yeah I know it got mushy for a while. But no more. I’m back to the old me. I wonder if that’s good or bad? And just so I don’t look like I’m trying to erase all of the somewhat bad press here is what that guy named Conrad said in the Guestbook:

Where did you here about my site:www.ishouldbeworking.com
I have read your site for a while now. And I have made it through your archives. Most of the time you are long winded and boring, but every once in a while you write something funny. Reading your site is akin to the morbid fascination one has when they pa s a car wreck. You don’t want to look, but often do. The lady your article entitled “The Proposal” is mentioned many times in the past. You past writings made me assume she was a friend at the least. And I read the piece “Spider” wrote explaining your views on friendship. So my question to you is how can you be so mean? “The Proposal” was a base and villainous thing you did. I was kind of shocked. So you have a crush on the woman? Big deal. It happens. Under the flag of friendship I would feel a little uncomfortable if one of my woman friends got drunk and told my buddies that she had a thing for me. I would think that would be a natural reaction. So your ego has been hurt? Get over it. Are you going to ruin a friendship just because this poor lady has had a natural reaction to something that usually one doesn’t expect from friends. And if she means anything to you (and I think she does) you should apologize. Shit she is just asking you for help on a subject you seem fairly adept at. Just think about it. You seem like a pretty cool guy.

I don’t really want to get back into this, but here is a recap of what I said in regards to this. Your right. I’m wrong. I’m sorry. End of discussion

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