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Saturday October 28th 2000
I’m Back! 11:25 am-
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Well after a rather delayed absence from my little chunk of the internet I can say I back. I finally got my cheap ass down to my ISP and paid up for another year. It’s a relief to have my ISP back. For awhile when I did do an update I was using Troy’s AOL account. Now I know beggars can’t be choosers. So let me say thanks to the Izer’s for letting me bum off on their AOL account.

I also have been very bad about getting back to you people that send me e-mails. I have two excuses. First I’m lazy, second Up until know my ISP was down. But I’m going to try to get better at it.

Karstaedt checked in recently and was wondering what Ross was apologizing about. He asked this in the GuestBook:

Hey Ross, Did I miss something? What are you apologizing for? Do you know Turk, what is he talking about?

Awhile ago Karstaedt mentioned this idea:

You outta add a Karstaedt and Rindfleisch section of your website. WE could add political insight, sports, and trade amusing cheap shots at each other. What do you think?

So Ross had this what I thought was a rather witty response (after I looked up the name):

Hey man giving those two morons a chance to put out there ” political insight” is like giving George Lincoln Rockwell a permit to parade in Harlem. think long and hard on that one! don’t wreck a good thing.

And so because Ross is a hell of a guy he apologized. I don’t think anything was meant in a negative way. We are just having some fun.

I also heard from Sherry and Amanda, both ex-hotel employees. So let me say hi to both of those lovely girls.

I had the time and energy to stop and sign the GuestBook:

Name: Turk
Where did you here about my site: me, of course
I’m at the Cherryvale Mall and they have this area were they let you get online. For Free even! Any way I went to Radio Shack to pick up a 100 ft phone cord. I stood around looking stupid for minutes until someone waited on me. “Have you been helped?”

I said “It’s ok. Standing around looking stupid is good for the soul” I said with a smirk. So in conclusion, Radio Shack fucking sucks big time!!!!!!!!!

Even had my Oldman check in. My Dad had this to say:

insomniac again tired of my used and overused routines i got online to see what’s up but soon as i did technoluddite josh bitch how he expected heckman to call him about a side job so rather than risk him smash the computer and drive i can’t stay on long glad you’re hooked back to web

Josh, my loving bricklayer brother. The guy can be such a spas sometimes. When he found out I had hooked up to the net again he was asking me how to get into some of the chat rooms. You know what kind of chat rooms the little pervert was looking for. But he bitches if I’m on line cause he is expecting phone calls. The boy needs Prozac. I’m feeling a little mean today so I’m going to slap up some pics of my technoluddite Brother.

Since I had the scanner on I just felt I had to scan in four other pics. These are the ones I have been threatening to put up for a while now. I figured since I got my brother, why not get Lumpy and Saddler. So these ones are for you guys.

These pictures above are from the night the Izer’s got married. I had begged and pleaded my Mom to get me a cheap room for the night. I of course got really shit faced that night as many people can vouch for that. I get to my room and these two bums are asleep in my bed! I was kind of hoping to end up in bed with someone. It just wasn’t these two hunky men. So before my drunk ass left I pulled a chair in front of the bed and took these wonderful pictures. All I can say is anyone who can sleep that soundly together has to be in love.

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