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Wednesday March 31st 1999
They? 9:15 pm-
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Well I had one person write in wondering why I had put the site down(God love her soul). I really have to thank you for writing, it makes one feel good to be missed. All I was aiming to do was just pull off a lame ass April Fools Day joke. And maybe add another archive because this page is getting way to long.

Turk, where the Hell are you? Get your butt back! I write you on Sat. sign in on Sun to see how your Bday was and your gone.

The same person sent me this:

You wouldn’t believe what I heard but I knew that was bull “well maybe his lawyer told him to” and something to the fact that THEY made you shut it down. who the hell is THEY?

Let me reassure many of you that “They” have no power. “They” don’t exist. I don’t have a lawyer, I don’t believe in them. I hold no grudge in “Them” for firing me. I was mad at first. I do miss the place. But its a job and if I felt one of my employee’s wasn’t cutting it I would show them the hatch too. In fact even though I still have a certain GM’s head a bobbing on the left here, I don’t even hold any grudges against him. Hell, for as long as I worked there I’ve seen some pretty excuse’s for GM’s. The GM on the left knows his job. There is no denying that. And no once again “They” did not make me write this.

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