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Tuesday March 30th 1999
Let The Soap Opera End 2:11 pm-
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Turk, I’m about fed up with hearing it. Yeah that’s right that e-mail did come from me just to test you. However, I don’t appreciate you writing stupid shit when your drunk. I am sorry you are so damn lonely but I am fucking sick of your pity parties. You have to take the initiative to change your life, INSTEAD OF TRYING TO GAIN PITY OVER YOUR GOD DAMN WEB SITE. So let the soap opera end and quit living in the past. I am not upset by what your page originally said however I do view it as a rather pathetic attempt to gain sympathy. Remember I don’t want your hints on how to run a relationships; I have had quite a few and I know what I have. That would be like Me trying to tell a professional basketball coach how to coach his team. That’s crazy. He has more experience and would tell me to get lost. So To clear it up I know what I am doing and I am sick of your pathetic sympathy gaining articles. Your the only one who can change this existence that you presently have. You have to quit feeling sorry for yourself and get out into the “Real World” where the good guys don’t win and where life isn’t fair. That is why I thought you would like One Hundred Years of Solitude BECAUSE IT EXPLAINS LIFELONG SOLITUDE FOR EACH OF THE Buendias. So I am not the one who needs to grow up. Despite what you say you support and condone Pete’s response because you put it on the net to get a response from me. In closing I am the more grown up one. I have my life established, I posses a bright future, I am Employed, and I have a girlfriend. Why? because I took the God damn initiative to get off my ass and do something instead of feeling sorry for myself. I don’t care if this pisses you off hopefully it will inspire you. But have no doubts about who the true adult really is. I think I proved that point.

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