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Saturday April 25th 1998
Wanting To Get Fired-Part One 3:00 am-
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Let me start by saying that all, and I mean ALL managers have excrement for bodily fluids. This covers the General Manager all the way down to the Catering Manager. Their ancestor most likely have inbred for hundreds of generations. They are the stinking pile of dung that you have the misfortune to step in. Law should mandate that they are not allowed to bread future generations, at least for the safety of us non-managers. If they already have children, then the same rule should apply.

With that said let me tell you about one of these excrement laden scum. This Manager in question would be the Catering Manager. She is a serious case of why they shouldn’t be allowed to breed. I don’t honestly know what her problem is. She used to be a front desk clerk. So if there would ever be an exception to ALL managers having excrement for bodily fluids it would be someone like her. But, it appears she’s just like the rest. Or I have offended her in some way, which is always a possibility. Still I would not expect her to be like that.

After working nine hours I decided that I would sit down where the reservation desk is. This is only a few feet away from the desk in the back office. So if Maggie got busy I would see or Maggie would ask me to give her a hand. Shit it wasn’t like I went to the restaurant or something. Which I have done. This Manager she tells Maggie out at the desk that if I am going to sit there and not help her that she was going to send me home. I over heard her say this being that I was only two fucking feet away. So then she comes in back where I am and tells me this bullshit. Now I’m sorry But I don’t think I was doing anything wrong sitting down. Fucksake it was quiet all morning, even at this time she was telling me this. So I informed to look on the wall behind her and told her to read the part telling I’m intitled to a twenty minute break after seven and a half hours or something around that time limit. Again let me remind you that it was nine hours into my shift when she asks me this shit. So after she told me that if I wasn’t going to help Maggie then I should go home I shocked that she was telling me this. I told her that I would help Maggie. But then I started thinking about it and decided that ALL managers have excrement for bodily fluids so I went home. Maybe the Catering Manager would like to do the fucking audit tonight.

Once more I want to state before I sign off that I honestly don’t think I was in the wrong for sitting down. And I would like to remind everyone that ALL managers have excrement for bodily fluids.

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