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Monday January 3rd 2011
Work Bitch Post #2 12:57 am-
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I gave the new girl her exit interview. Not official in any way of course. The main thing that stood out for me is the reason the young lady is quitting. It’s funny really. She said she has a degree in HR and that her experience here at this hotel has made her change what she thought was her career path.

See the poor thing was trained in a matter of days. I remember a time when people were trained for weeks or in some cases months. This hotel is taking the worst hotel ever approach as of late and gives all trainees balls to the wall training in just a few days. The girl who this was her last day said she felt like half the time she didn’t know what she was doing. It’s a shame.

She also confirmed my suspicion that they (they always equals management) don’t inform new people about this retarded you have to stay until your relief has counted their cash thing rule. A while ago this was put in place because someone stole money from the change drawer. To combat this evil theft they decided to treat their employees like children and enforced this fucking stupid you stay until the next shift counts their money rule. This will not stop stupid people from stealing from the workplace.

Even better when you realize they have cameras they are to lazy to move to watch all of us nasty employees.

Camera 01 Camera 02

I mean if they really wanted to make sure the money wasn’t being stolen from their own employees turn that camera a bit and the issue is resolved. But I suspect they are honestly to lazy to turn the camera or too cheap to buy a new camera.

After having to deal with the idiot for so long at the worst hotel ever I just may be a little crazy about wanting to leave at my scheduled time. This craziness was explained to my boss before he hired me at my interview with him. So now I have to call the wisconsin department of labor and find out if they can fire me for leaving at the time they scheduled me to leave. This is almost a worst hotel ever level of retardeness.

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