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Saturday September 5th 2009
Ramada Owners Removed! 8:09 am-
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Man I’m smiling on the inside and the outside. Two news articles to link and do minor quoting. First the links. Missed payment costs Ramada owners and Court names receiver for Ramada. The Rockford paper has the better article so I’ll use that one. Here is the good shit right off the bat:

The owners of the Ramada Inn and Conference Center were removed Thursday night after failing to make a payment to the city.

Owners Nooruddin and Farida Sadruddin (Tejany) were removed from the premises, and court-appointed receiver M. Neal Eckard, president of Nationwide Asset Management Group LLC, took over the hotel.

Good riddance! Hot damn! It goes onto say:

Eckard will run the Ramada Inn until it is in foreclosure; then the hotel will be for sale.

Now its auction time again and you got to hold your breath something worse than these fucking idiots buy it up again.

“We called over there; they said they were going to bring a check right over,” Kirichkow said. “Obviously, that didn’t happen.”

Manager Zar Zahid told the City Council she was trying to buy the hotel, but Kirichkow said she was removed from the hotel Thursday with the owners.

They even threw out the cousin/sister/aunt that was trying to save the hotel. This chick was going to turn the place around. She did a wonderful job didn’t she folks?

Kirichkow said the situation is good for the city.

“We’re guaranteed to get paid now. The court will see we get paid,” Kirichkow said. He’s confident the hotel will be under new ownership soon.

“It seems nothing but positive from this day forward,” Kirichkow said.

Kirichkow is a dreamer. These douche bags they just threw out were in the worst hotel ever because of a similar situation. In 2002 Tejany bought it for less than 2.3 million dollars way back in 2002. The place surely won’t get 2.3 million here in 2009. Only trash worse (and/or related) to the kicked out owners would buy that shitheap the worst hotel over. No I hope someone buys it and tears it down and builds a parking lot. Only then will the damage done by these removed owners begin to heal.

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