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Sunday February 18th 2001
Nose Bleed 6:50 am-
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Warning this one is a little gross. I’m at work. Big surprise of course. The majority of my posts have been done at work for almost the last six months. We had a fire alarm pulled and a drunk rowdy asshole. I’m trying to get some work done and still goof off on the net. I’m sitting at the laptop checking my site out and I feel this stream of snot come out of my nose. I go to wipe my nose and find blood. So I’m leaking on my shirt and inadvertently wipe blood on my pants also.

Of course I don’t see these things right away. I go to the bathroom to wipe my bloody nose and I see myself in the mirror. I look like I just killed someone. The blood on my pants could have been my victim grasping on my pant leg in a feeble attempt of mercy. Guest are going to love this. At least I won’t get to many complaints when people see me.

I of course couldn’t help but laugh when I saw myself. It’s the maniac in me. Other than that it’s been a quiet night. Be warned this site causes nose bleeds.

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