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Sunday February 11th 2001
Link Of The Day 3:30 am-
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Here is a link of the day that’s so bizarre it’s mind boggling. Bonsaikitten.com, a site you have to see to believe. I first saw this site mentioned on Blue’s News. And they got lambasted for putting it up. I want to point out that the site is a work of satire and parody, it is not to be take seriously! Now if you have not been offended go check out this Wired News post called: FBI Goes After Bonsaikitten.com.

Now Bonsaikitten.com is apparently run by some MIT students. It’s a joke, something a lot of people just are not getting. The Humane Society has put up this page warning about the nefarious Bonsaikitten.com. They even give a warning about viewing the Bonsaikitten.com webpage:

WARNING: The site described here contains graphic material. The Humane Society of the United States advises against visiting this site.

I just can’t believe this is going on. The Wired News article even says that:

…President Clinton signed a law that makes it a federal felony to possess “a depiction of animal cruelty” with the intent to distribute across state lines — such as on the Internet.

I’m not an expert but this “law” sure does sound like a violation of the First Amendment. This what I’m talking about. If they outlaw any form of free speech, what’s next? Website’s that badmouth hotels?

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