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Monday February 12th 2001
Relax 7:14 pm-
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Look I don’t want anyone to take this the wrong way. But you need to relax. Ok? A sense of humor is like what they say about opinions. And I realize everyone has a different sense of humor. As a public service for those of you who may not understand terms such as Joke, Satire, and Parody.

I didn’t want to start any flame wars over this, but to answer a post on A day in the life of a Crackwhore you have to go to her site to read what she says. Needless to say the youngster has her panties in a bundle.

Read my post again, ok? Nowhere do I say I thought it was funny. I said:

…a link of the day that’s so bizarre…

My reasons for putting Bonsaikitten.com as a link was not done for the sake of humor. It was done because of how the FBI is actually going to waste our tax money on investigating this stupid website. Clinton wrote a law that makes it a federal felony to possess “a depiction of animal cruelty.” I’m sorry I see this as a case of Political Correctness and nothing else. The PC attitude is getting out of hand. My main reason for posting Bonsaikitten.com was just to show how the government is taking away rights in the name of Political Correctness. If they start with this. What’s next? That really what I was trying to get through. Maybe I’m wrong. But I feel if we are going to have any rights of free speech then it’s all or none. I don’t like what that Eminem is saying in his “music”, but I don’t think his stuff should be banned. It’s the same reason the fucking Nazi Party runs in elections. And everyone knows what bad guy’s those Nazi’s are. It’s their right as an American Citizen.

Fuck it. This makes sense to me. I’ll try to calm down and write something more reasonable.

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