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Friday October 23rd 1998
Our Time Of Loss 3:00 am-
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Hello my children, it is I your padre of love coming to you on top of my pulpit. I wanted to talk to my congregation about the passing of two of our brethren. I was silent when the first of our sisters passed on. But I feel that with the passing of our own Mother Theresa that I should speak up on the subject.

I have conferred with Brother Spider and felt it was time to bathe you all in reassurance. Any time we lose loved ones it is a hard and terrible road to recovery. You most be strong. You most not think of the loss as a bad thing, but as a release of those in pain who are better off in the great hereafter. For their pain was so great it is a mercy to be in the big unemployment line in the sky. You most not dwell on the hurt they were in on their final days, you most remember them in their moments of life when they brought cheer and joy to us all. So do not mourn. It is a time to be thankful.

I would hope a quick respite for any of our brothers and sisters who are in their final days on this earth. We most pray that they also will receive a timely death to end their suffering. For I see many of them who are in pain like our beloved AGM. And I assure you that we will all see a day when they have received their just rewards like our AGM. So be patient my children. We may not have long to go to see the rest of brothers and sisters pass on to that big unemployment line in the sky.

So to end lets have a moment of silence for our beloved Sister Sue and Sister Mary.

I bid you all a good day. and if any of you need to be consoled in this time of passing my door and e-mail address is always open. God be with us all. Amen.

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