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Thursday April 4th 2002
The Auction 8:16 pm-
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It looks like Sheldon finally has some info on the auction. You can go to this page, which is just an auction index. The goods on the actual auction are found on this out of wack page.

Suggested Opening Bid:
$1,000,00 or $6,400 per room

Now I’m assuming that $1,000,00 is 1,000,000. I’m a little bummed by our sell price. Do you think the bank thought of this amount and said it like Dr. Evil with a pinky to their bottom lip? And for that matter can me and my friends throw in six or seven grand and buy a room?

I’m telling you we are going to get bought up by some cheap mother-fuckers. I just shudder to think what kind of beast will come in when this is over.

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One Response to ''The Auction''
Turk says:
April 17th, 2002 at 9:29 pm

i really like how they spelled Ramada to (Ramads) i mean can’t they get anything right even like you posted the opening bid of 1,000,00 that is not even a # unless you are a Indian or a GM of a hotel that might kick the fucking can. I don’t know eather I over herd Cindy and Reaz talking and I guess we have a few people in mind around 7 different. Hey I go back up to Millwakee on Thurs. To sign the life to the CORPS and then it is just a wating period. I’ll be making more money just in bootcamp then I even make on a good check here so my mind is made up. Off I go to get some ALkida I won’t forget you big guy nad I keep my ass from getting blown off.

your friend Mike D.

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