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Tuesday January 15th 2002
Comments! 12:12 pm-
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Well cool is all I can say. A reminder though, if you post in the “comments” everything you post there is something everyone can see. If you got something that you don’t want to show up here, then send it to me at my e-mail. If you click on my name after the time in each post, that should open up your e-mail client.

I wouldn’t worry about the fire-thing. If it hasn’t happened by now, it probably won’t. I hope I didn’t make a mistake the other night at our little banquet X-mas party. I just assumed that everybody knew about your website & I mentioned it. Well, all kinds of the banquet staff were said that they were going to go here. Sorry if I started something. The lady at the unemployment office handed Melecia 2 discrimination forms when she was told the story of how we got fired. I don’t know if I should get that stuff started or not. I don’t care if you print what I say or not. That was probably a rumor about you being fired. I know one thing, you better not have an opinion around there, you will be fired.

I’m not worrying about getting fired again. I think you should fight it. But then I’m a trouble maker. As far as telling people about my website. Go right ahead. This isn’t something I’m going to hide. So tell everyone.

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