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    Monday April 10th 2000
    No Point To This 11:54 pm-
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    I feel like I’m in one of those moods were I want to share with all of you fine folks one of my current obsessions. I have been rather quiet as of late about anything regarding my so called personal life. But, I have had just the right amount of white zin (wink wink Isley) to not give a damn. To compliment the wine I have good old Mr. Frank Sinatra playing. Whenever I play Mr. Sinatra it always seems that I repeat Learning the blues. A certain someone has told me that I have a obsession with the Chairman Of The Board. Well so I do, Sinatra is like booze I’m not ready to go without him.

    So here is one of the obsession’s I am willing to talk about. Lately I have had a Samurai movie fetish going on. So I have decided I want and need to own a Samurai Sword. The reason? I’m glad you asked. It’s this, out of respect of humanity I would never think of owning a gun. A gun is a rather simple and destructive weapon. To me a gun is like a mouse, you just point and click. Now a Samurai Sword is an elegant weapon. It is a honorable weapon. It is not as easy to use the Samurai Sword as it would be to use a gun. In fact I would say that I have taken the whole Bushido Code to heart. I like to pride my self on being a honorable person. My Dad of course was quick to point out being honorable isn’t anything to brag about. He says that Honor has caused many bad things. Now I think he is right up to a point. I guess the whole idea of honor depends on your point of view.

    Back to the Samurai Sword. The reason I want one is that I’m getting paranoid in my old age. The question is would I use it? To that I say yes. Spider has mentioned the “Me and Mine” theory I have. If I ever had to kill a person I would honor them by using the Samurai Sword. Also to me I would be more respectful of the Samurai Sword than I would a fire arm. I’m not saying I have plains to commit homicide all I am saying is that if anyone hurts anything I care about I will take care of it in my own fashion.

    Another thing worth mentioning is that I feel an end coming. When I say that I mean that I look at life as an ongoing story. Every story has to have an ending. The pacing on the current storyline just feels like an end is just around the corner. Maybe that is the best thing. I don’t know how much longer I can take it. If I honor myself I have to make it end. Only a select few will understand this. It’s something I don’t talk to with to many people. I guess this is really for Isley. Who I feel I have dishonored. My present course of action has been what I feel another one of those stupid things he has to put up with. Sometimes I get the feeling you are sick of putting up with my problems. I hope this this is not the case. I do admit I have gotten carried away. So I ask for you to put up with my shit for just a little bit more.

    I guess that all I have to say. That and I’m running out of steam. What a drama.

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