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Saturday June 5th 1999
Episode One Part Six 7:14 pm-
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Well I have seen the Phantom menace six times as of today. My old man thinks that is a little over kill. For the sixth venture into the world of Episode one Izer and me dragged our good friend Stanley and his son Jonathan. My thinking was that Jonathan would be enchanted by the power of Star Wars. It turned out to have a kind of hit and miss effect on him.

You could see that he was really into the annoying comic relief character of Jar Jar Binks. Who I happen to really hate with a passion. But Jar Jar is in the movie to have that effect on kids. There were many parts of the movie little Jonathan was bouncing around in his seat checking out what was happening in the theater not the movie.

Its ok though, he has been seduced by the hype of the movie. Jonathan all ready has the Darth Maul sandals and bike. Darth Maul by the way has the kind of name that will confuse some Americans. You hear the name Darth Maul said out loud and you might think he is the dark lord of the shopping mall not the Dark lord of the Sith.

Any way I have faith in the kid, with his tendency to adore everything I do I’m quite sure I will be able to brain wash him into a Star Wars Junkie. Just ask him why he wears socks with his sandals! After I convert Jonathan over to the darkside I have to work on the Izers young one.

So I have ran out of steam and must bring this to a close. See ya next time.

Oh yeah I have to say hi to my bud Lumpy who may have finally figured out to pull up my website on his computer. At least that’s what he will claim. I know it was his smart wife that did it. So I say Hi To Dan and Kim.

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