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Friday June 11th 1999
Distracted Male 12:19 pm-
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Ok I was all set to fire off a few complaints this morning regarding some issues I have with the new gig. They are not anything really horrible now, but if the problems continue it could get ugly. Anyone who has read the website for a while knows that I can climb on the soap box and shout out to the world or anyone who will listen to my insane ravings.

But, during my ranting at work something distracted me. And the next few lines will be very male-chauvinistic. This couple had checked in, and I had been outside when the guy went in. During my cigarette I noticed this girl that was definitely giving me a very friendly smile. I could only see her from behind the steering wheel so I went back in and fumed some more. Then this beautiful creature came in to see what was taking the putz she was with so long. And again she gave me that flirty smile. She asked if the pool was open and then bounced off.

It wasn’t to long before I caught her out of the corner of my eye in the pool area. Whew!!! Yowza!!! This one was really put together. She was in a very skimpy bikini that I happened to notice. She did a dive in to the pool and came out thrusting upward from underwater. It was like in some cheesy b-movie. Me and a guest both were caught checking her out. She just gave us a smile and did a few more dive into the water to me and the guests satisfaction. She seemed to enjoy showing herself off for us. So as you can tell I spent most of this post going on about this hot brunette. Very nice.

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