Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Patch Notes - 4/19/05 - Turk at 4:03 AM Comments ()

Another new patch! PvP Honor! Shaman Nerfs! Hurrah! Does it make PvP have a point? Click the Read Full Story link to see the patch notes.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Patch Notes -3/22/05 - Turk at 5:00 AM Comments ()

It's patch day! It's another long one. So dig in and click the read full story link.

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Thursday, February 17, 2005

The Aodvault - Turk at 1:02 AM Comments ()

Check this thread for details on the vault toon Anti has made. Here are the details:
Here it is! I've made a toon called "Aodvault" specifically for holding donated items for the guild to use. I'll keep this thread updated with items I'm holding for anyone to use! All you have to do is PM Antiroleplay and I'll hook you up. Please feel free to donate to, or request items from the character called Aodvault.

note: please let me know if this is for enchanting. you can still have for enchanting, you just can't have all :P

note:send me bags!!

I'll be adding a link of some kind to this thread in the forum once I figure where to put it. In the meantime make sure to keep an eye open on that thread. If you have any questions for Anti (you want something or you want to give something) send her a pm via the forums.

Patch Notes - 2/04/05 - Turk at 12:48 AM Comments ()

Here are the most recent patch notes. This patch was released as a beta patch for those crazy Europeans, we got it the other day. Hit the read full story link to see the changes.

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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Patch Notes - 12/18/04 - Turk at 11:53 PM Comments ()

The new patch is out. Here is a bit on the new ui addon interface:
There is a new user interface to enable and disable add-ons for the current account, available at the character selection screen.
Remember that all old versions of Cosmos (or any other ui mod) will not work after this new patch is installed. Check the mod sites for updated versions of the ui's. Cosmos users can grab a working copy of either the alpha or beta versions right here. Be sure to go in and putz with the addon interface.

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Friday, December 17, 2004

Patch Sneak Peak - Turk at 9:38 AM Comments ()

Over in the WoW Forums Tyren posted this telling about some of the things Blizzard is working on for the next patch:
Player versus Player
· Gurubashi Arena – The arena in Stranglethorn Vale has been changed so that free-for-all PvP will only take place on the floor of the arena, and no longer in the stands or on the entrance ramp. Please keep in mind that on PvP realms, members of the opposite faction can still attack you anywhere in the arena because Stranglethorn Vale is a contested area.
· There is now a short countdown before a duel starts.

· Fishing for high-level zones has been restored.
· Fishing profession now requires a minimum character level, like the other professions do. Any character who already has a fishing profession past the intended level will not be affected.
· The recipes for Heavy Mageweave Bandage, Runecloth Bandage, and Heavy Runecloth Bandage can be learned by visiting your faction's Artisan First Aid questgiver.
· Sell prices on Runecloth Bandages and Heavy Runecloth Bandages have been reduced.
· Expert First Aid books moved to a more appropriate vendor for the Horde. New vendor is still within the same general area as the previous one.

· New Ability: Pummel (Berserker Stance) (Level 38) - Instant attack that causes damage and interrupts spellcasting for a short duration.
· Shield Bash: No longer usable in Berserker Stance.
· Berserker Stance: Now increases critical strike chance by 3% instead of granting 10% melee haste. Extra damage taken reduced from 20% to 10%.

· Vanish will now break root and slow effects.

· New Spell: Prayer of Fortitude (Level 48) - Longer lasting Power Word: Fortitude spell that buffs the entire group. Requires a reagent to cast. (Spell is available via loot drop only.)
No word on an eta on this patch of course. Still no word on the status of Battlegrounds in the game. So for now Davaelis will have to stick to fishing.
Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Guild Tabard - Turk at 11:29 PM

Head over here to this thread to see what the guild tabard will look like. Remember it costs 1 gold to buy your tabard.
Wednesday, November 24, 2004

WoW UI Mods - Turk at 2:28 AM Comments ()

So WoW is out. How about learning about custom ui's? Un like DAoC ui mods most of these do not change the look of the ui. WoW ui mods add to the functionality of the ui. But you have to be careful. While custom ui's are not against Blizzards tos, some of them can be unstable causing one to crash. So with that said here are the options.
cosmos.jpg gypsymod.jpg ctmod.jpg
First up is Cosmos (first screen shot) my personal favorite. Cosmos has everything and the kitchen sink. For a rundown on the things Cosmos brings to the game head over to this WoW Forum post. Cosmos also has a beginners guide here to help you when you get it. One of the mods is for Thottbot which among one of it's many options is player profiles. Cosmos is one that does like to crash. So be careful especially with the lines to login.

Next we have the GypsyMod (second screen shot). This one is not as extensive as Cosmos. But it is the only one to change the interface around a little. It biggest draw is the fact it makes a lot of the parts of the ui movable. Everything except the mini map can be moved around and dragged were you want it. You can find more details about this mod right here. This one is very stable as of right now. I had no crashed or problems with it.

Finally there is the CTMod (third screen shot). This one is like the GyspyMod as it only changes/adds a few features. I have yet to try this one out in retail so I can't tell you what condition it is in. From the ui forums it seems stable.

And you can always find more info than you need at the WoW Interface Customization forum.
Tuesday, November 23, 2004

WoW Is Live! - Turk at 2:11 AM Comments ()

And World of Warcraft is live! It's kind of funny that the long wait is over with. Click the read full story link to see the official server lists. Once we start getting in game we will figure out what server we will be on. Once that info is available I'll post it up here.

Looks like the first day is going to be rough. Some of us are on Stormreaver and some on Shattered Hand. I think we all should wait for the dust to settle (just as Ppapa had suggested) before we go picking our home. Check the forums for further developments.

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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Open Beta Ends! - Turk at 3:42 AM Comments ()

Sparos is keeping more up to date on World of Warcraft than I am. The beta ends today and here is what he had to say in the forums:
If you haven't tried to log onto WoW yet or checked there site, open beta is closed as of the 18th so if you don't read this till the morning it's probably to late. retail is only what 5 days away? well *sigh* i guess i better find something to fill my time while i wait. i did make 19 just before logging tonight, and farces is runnin for 24 on full throttle. i hope ya'll enjoyed the open beta as much as i did. well i'll see ya'll in retail. peace buds...
So we need to keep an eye out for when this hits stores. The official site says the 23rd. With any luck WoW will be in stores a few days earlier.
Monday, November 8, 2004

Patch Notes - 11/07/04 - Turk at 2:21 AM Comments ()

Theres a new patch out today. It only weighs in at 19.31 mb so it shouldn't be that bad of a download. Click the Read Full Story bellow to see all the gory details.

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Friday, November 5, 2004

Racial Traits! - Turk at 2:24 PM Comments ()

Over at the World of Warcraft Community site they released info on the Racial Traits available to each race. Here is what the Undead get:
Will of the Forsaken: Activate to become immune to fear, sleep, and charm effects
Cannibalize: Increase health regeneration while consuming a corpse
Underwater Breathing: Underwater breath increased
Shadow Resistance: Increase Shadow Resistance
Go right here to check it out.

Open Beta Date! - Turk at 1:00 AM

World of Warcraft comes out the 23rd according to this press release. Which makes you wonder about just how long open beta will be. The final stress test started the 1st of this month. Well thanks to the Blizzard Insider we know when the open beta starts:
Also here is the beef on what this game is going to cost me and you:
After the initial free one-month subscription ends, players of World of Warcraft will be able to continue playing under one of three different subscription plans. The month-to-month subscription plan costs $14.99 per month, the three-month plan costs $13.99 per month, and the six-month plan costs $12.99 per month. World of Warcraft subscription fees can be paid by major credit card, PayPal, and pre-paid game cards, which will be available in stores where World of Warcraft is sold.
I admit it's more than I expected it to be. But regardless of the price I will be playing this game. If you have doubts make sure to try it on the 8th.
Monday, November 1, 2004

Stress Test/Open Beta Fileplanet Signup! - Turk at 11:55 PM

If you pay for get over there now and sign up for the World of Warcraft Stress Test/Open Beta! Again this is for paying costumers of Fileplanet. If your not it's only 7 or 8 bucks. And whatever you do make sure you say no thanks to the 15 buck quarterly rate they offer. Because the next page you get after saying no offers you 7.90 a month.


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