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Wednesday April 29th 2009
No Internet 6:15 am-
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So my internet at home went out sometime late yesterday night. When I got home in the morning I called the Charter help line. Some chick in india walked me through unplugging my modem and waiting a minute before plugging it back in. It did not work. She then tried getting in to the modem. That failed as well. Me and india support lady decided the modem was dead. Before letting me go the india support lady tries to sell me Charter cable tv. I tried to explain to her that I had high speed internet and I did not need Charter cable. But she would have none of it and followed her script. I followed my script and hung on the support lady from india.

I then drive to the Charter home base in my area and get a new modem. I shutdown my pc. I plugin in the new modem. I hook it all up to the pc and reboot my computer. I did not hook it up to my router. When Windows boots to my surprise the internet is still no where to be found. I call Charter again and get another lady from india. We go through the same shit. Unplug and plug back in. She tries to access the modem on her end and fails. So she arranges for someone to come to my today between one and five. Hopefully it’s not someone from india.

To top off my irritation the this second support lady tries to sell me Charter tv. I again explain that I don’t need their tv I have high speed internet. This one tries to out do the first india support lady and when selling me tv fails she trys to sell me the Charter phone service. I look at the cell phone I’m talking into and ask the india support lady how is I’m communicating with her right now. At this point I’m kinda getting pissed off. I say to her I’m pretty sure we are communicating not by telegraph, morse code, or smoke signals but by phone already. I decline her offer. She of course continues to follow her script. Which at this point I give up and just hang up on the support lady from india. I hate people from india almost as much as I hate Charter’s stupid automated answering machine robot. I always end up cursing before I find the right keyword to get a real person to talk to. Agent is the magic word.

So I’m writing this at work. I hope to be back on the net shortly after the times between one and five.

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