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Friday May 23rd 2008
More Conan 2:41 pm-
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So I made level 20 on my barbarian. I’m quite enjoying AoC on a number of levels. You got boobs, gore, death, and great views. Visually it is quite impresive. If you have a computer that can handle it.

Headlights Gore and Death Great View

The melee combat also deserves mentioning. First and foremost there is no auto attack in Age of Conan. In other mmorpg’s you can start combat and sit back. Your character will attack his opponent till one of them dies. Granted a lot of these types of games have more interactivity than just that. But in Conan you can’t just hit a button to start combat.

In Age of Conan your first three hot bar buttons are your basic attacks,

Combat Keys

Upper Left, Middle, and Upper Right. You can use these attacks by themselves and they do not continue to auto attack once you hit them. You do have special abilities (like in other mmo’s) but they are combos so you have to hit a combination of these combat keys to successfully pull of your move. These share a lot in common with attacks in a fighting game. This comparison gets even closer to the fighting game genre when you find out when you kill a badguy there is a chance you will get a fatality. When you do it can be a bloody mess.

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