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Wednesday April 23rd 2008
Not A Roleplayer 12:01 am-
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This below is an instant message I got from an old DAoC guildie (take note of the name of said guildie) regarding my activities in City of Heroes.

[12:25] Antiroleplay: so i hear you’re a roleplayer!!!1111
[12:25] *** Auto-response sent to Antiroleplay: Playing City of Heroes. My global chat handle is @Turk
[12:26] Antiroleplay: it’s true!

Next I have a screenshot. Nothing special about it. Unless you zoom in to the full size image and read the text in yellow.

CityOfHeroes 2008-04-19 22-55-32-37.jpg

I wonder where Anti heard this information? Below is an in game chat log from the guild chat channel that is mandatory you stay in character.

[SuperGroup]Sofie La Mystere: No wonder no one eever finds this guy, living in ze sewers for 200 years, I wouldn’t want to find ‘im either.
[SuperGroup]Nick Wicked: Oi don’ know what you wuz expectin. It’s the bloody sewers after all, eh?
[SuperGroup]Sofie La Mystere: eh? Another english?
[SuperGroup]Sofie La Mystere: sounds more…canadian.
[SuperGroup]Nick Wicked: Pfft.
[SuperGroup]Sofie La Mystere: Your canadian eh?
[SuperGroup]Nick Wicked: Oim Nick Wicked, an’ Oim a bleedin Rock star, mate.
[SuperGroup]Sofie La Mystere: hm..
[SuperGroup]Nick Wicked: Canada! Oi nevah ‘erd such a thing.
[SuperGroup]Sofie La Mystere: ah’ve never ‘eard of you.

And here is my in game tell to this “Nick Wicked” person.

[Tell]–>Nick Wicked: your such a putz
[Tell]Nick Wicked: hahahahahaha

So you see I’m not the roleplayer here. I just don’t swing that way. Unlike Nick Wicked.

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One Response to ''Not A Roleplayer''
Gawain says:
April 23rd, 2008 at 5:21 pm

Oi! Blimey! I’ll ‘ave yer know that I’m the Mae West goddamn roleplayer that there ever were, right, and that me rolemessing ability totally owns yors in evry way. In short, right, I’m oresome. I don’t just cop “into” me character, right, I LIVE me character. I AM me character! That’s sumfink yer non roleplayers will never understand.

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