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Friday March 28th 2008
More City of Heroes 4:37 am-
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Still playing City of Heroes. I’ve been playing mostly in the mornings with my healer bot (action shots below). I only played with my friend (the newb) once last weekend. I figured out one mystery. I would send him tells in game when I saw him online and never get any responses back from him. As I found out he plays with the chat window minimized. Because it’s in the way of seeing whats going on. That is the reason he gave. From his newb point of view I guess I understand. There is a lot of stuff on the screen. It is probably a lot to deal with all at once.

Me and Bot 1 Me and Bot 2 Me and Bot 3

For those of you that keep track of these things or are just curious (or bored even) here are two shots of Gawain’s good guy. The first one shows his bio (here is his badguy bio). The second is just a heroic pose.

Gawain's Hero Bio Gawain's Hero

I also joined the guild that Gawain’s hero is in. They are role players. The server we play on (Virtue) is the unofficial role playing server. But I wasn’t quite ready for this role playing thing.

Turk is now a member of League of Misfits!
[Team]Turk: do I need to say anything?
[Team]Turk: can I just say thanks
[Team]Turk: not a lot of chatter
[Team]Lowblow: yeah go ahead.

[SuperGroup]Turk: Thank you for the invite into the team.
[SuperGroup]Acorn Avenger: Hi Turk!
[SuperGroup]Acorn Avenger: I’m the Acorn Avenger!
[SuperGroup]Lowblow: ((they’re rude, turk, don’t worry. except for acorn avenger who is not rude but awesome instead.))

[Team]Turk: jesus their talking to me
[SuperGroup]Acorn Avenger: [[naw, I’;m rude OOC, AA is just nuts]]
[SuperGroup]Lowblow: ((ok, I take back what I said then.))

I have a number of problems about role playing my character. First and foremost is the fact my hero is based on my old high school era comic book. So granted there is not a lot of character there to play with. I guess I’ll have to come up with something or use the crazy angle G uses. Some of it is just weird. To speak ooc (out of character for the newbs) you use double brackets at the beginning and end of the ooc text.

[[This is dumb.]]

Which to me is dumb. For now I guess I’ll just not say much in the guild chat channel. I think I’ll talk DarkIzer into joining up too and then make him open up his damn chat window.

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