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Sunday August 26th 2007
Hotel Watch Day 2 12:52 pm-
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The big question on my mind is how long can the worst hotel ever go with out generating revenue? Today is day two of Hotel Watch here at Hotelblues.com. Hotel Watch is a record of the full days the worst hotel ever is actually closed. Everyday it is closed for business is another nail in it’s coffin. I eagerly await its final death. The proverbial stake through the heart. Below are some shots took this afternoon of the two notices on the front doors of the worst hotel ever.

Notice of Hazardous Building Flood Damage Note

As a bonus here are some pictures of the entrance to the flooded basement the Beloit Daily New article mentioned. Also take note of the picture of the generator powering the four pumps used to get the water out of the flooded basement.

Flooded Basement 1 Flooded Basement 2
The Power Generator

I’ve saved the best for last. Pictures of the empty parking lot. Honestly it brings happiness to my cold bitter heart to see such bad things happen to that place.

Empty Parking Lot 1 Empty Parking Lot 2
Empty Parking Lot 3 Empty Parking Lot 4

I honestly won’t be happy until the day I can take pictures of the place being demolished. I worked at that hotel for a long long time and it pains me to see the state it now is in. Blame can be firmly placed on the backs of those so called “new owners” (who call themselves Serena Hospitality) of the worst hotel ever. I wish only failed ventures on these inept people. If you read between the lines you will see that they ruin everything they touch:

In an interview, Vezzoso said the management style of the inn’s new owner, Noor Tejany, and his management style were somewhat different.

It’s so sad that they ruin everything they touch. Stick around for Hotel Watch as I count the days the worst hotel ever is closed for business. Hopefully leading up to the point it’s closed for good.

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