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Friday April 27th 2007
Good, Bad, And Ugly 12:12 am-
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It’s been exactly seven months since I started at the new hotel. I use this post to determine how long it’s been. At the time of that post I had worked my first day at the new hotel. I’ve decided to do a little write up on how things are at this new hotel seven months later. This will be a very simple write up. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

The Good.

Number one right off the bat and this is a big one for me. The new hotel is not a shitty Ramada like the worst hotel ever is. It was a huge thing for me to get out of those red shirts.

Also very important to me is the owners of the hotel. And when compared to the “people” who own the worst hotel ever the people who own the new hotel are a definitely a good thing. I could write a whole post on how the two are different. For example though these new hotel owners upgrade their hotel. And they do it right. They do not hire retards who placed the lowest bid for the job.

A word or two also needs to be said about the front desk staff. I have no complaints what so ever. They are on time and know how to balance credit cards. There are no idiots here. Nor are there any half blind night auditors who work when I don’t. It really is quite a joy to be able to work with people that have their shit together. The Front Desk Manager I will only say this: He is not a pussy.

Last but not least under “good” are the guests who stay at the hotel. There is a huge difference in the quality of the guests this new hotel attracts. We do not get any bar time drunks. Nor do we get any of the general scum that the worst hotel ever seems to attract. Which is only echoed by the fact that I have yet to call the police on any of the people that stay at this new hotel.

The Bad

Just one here. Managers who can’t print folios. Now this may seem like a petty thing. But to me what does it say about the people who are supposedly above me if they can not print their own folios out when they do a transaction in the computer. I’ve often wondered why it is these managers do this. I’ve only ever been able to come up with two excuses.

  1. They are lazy.
  2. They are incompetent.

I just can’t peg which it is here at this new hotel. Lazy or Incompetent? And why does it always seem to be Sales people that do this?

The Ugly

Why is it I can’t find an employer who really cares about their employees? While these owners do take good care of the building and of the guests, I really feel they are very lacking when it comes to their employees.

I expect a few things from the people who employ me. Reviews and Raises. I expect that after a persons been at a hotel they get a review six months in. I like getting told how I’m doing now and then as it shows me that the managers/owners may actually give a shit about how the hotel is run. It seem like they (management) would want to evaluate the employees they have at least every now and then. The raise of course would be tied into the review. Now I’m not expecting a raise every six months. I personally would be happy with a raise every year.

I also expect medical insurance. I’m not getting any younger here. It’s just something I need now. These owners at this new hotel have seen fit to cancel medical insurance a few months ago. I don’t understand why they would cut the benefits of the employee. It should be the other way around. They should be adding to the benefits of the employee.

As it is I have absolutely no loyalty to these people as it is. Why should I? I drive 17 miles each way. If I can get a job in my immediate area I have no problem at all quiting this hotel for a local one. I need insurance. I need raises. These are things that I have to have to keep me being the employee that my employer wants to have around. Without these kinds of things I’m going to slowly turn back into the way I used to be at the worst hotel ever.

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2 Responses to ''Good, Bad, And Ugly''
Ex_Hotel_Guy1801 says:
May 29th, 2007 at 6:06 pm

Who are you referring to when you are talking about the half blind night auditors?

Turk says:
May 29th, 2007 at 8:04 pm

No need to worry man. I’m not talking about you.

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