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Wednesday January 31st 2007
Nine Years Old 3:09 am-
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Nine years. It does not seem like it’s been that long. Just one year away from my site hitting ten years old. Which at that point I guess I join some dubious club of people who have “blogged” for a decade or more (is there such a club?).

Looking back a year ago I laugh at how things have changed. A year ago I was so pissed off at how things where going at the worst hotel ever that I was actively trying to get myself fired. I started up Mybossisapussy.com just to take a potshot at my then boss the sheriff. A site now that really serves no purpose.

But thats how it goes. This new hotel just is so different. It’s been hard for me to get used to the change. A working and competent front desk manager, desk clerks who come in on time, and desk clerks who also know how to balance. This hotel is also busy. A big contrast to that poor dying hotel.

A place that really just needs to be put out of it’s misery. Incompetent Owners and Managers have ruined that hotel. One needs only look as far as TT’s Memoirs to get an insider look at how the worst hotel ever is run still to this day.

With any luck when this time come around next year I will be able to write about how the worst hotel ever died. I really do look forward to that day. The day those Owners and Managers have failed and finally give up and close the doors of that place.

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