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Friday July 28th 2006
Still No Security 1:57 am-
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Remember when I wrote about the problem with the lack of real security at the hotel? I do of course. And do you remember when the gm said the following in a comment to the security post:

Letting engineering do security is a temporary solution. The “rent a cops” will be back.

That was over two months ago. Man the gm has a pretty crazy definition of the word temporary. Perhaps the real problem is that he doesn't really know the definition of the word solution.

I like this quote even better:

After many years of dealing with people – I’ve yet to figure out how to MAKE people work somewhere they don’t want to – and frankly I wouldn’t want them to. Whatever their reasoning said or unsaid – if your not able and willing to do the job – find another.

So the way I read that above is that he didn't want the cops doing security. Just to clarify he says it himself here in this part:

I’ve yet to figure out how to MAKE people work somewhere they don’t want to – and frankly I wouldn’t want them to.

So it's funny when I hear the rumor that he himself has asked the cops back to work. It's even funnier when I got confirmation on this rumor. The gm did ask the cops back. Which to me makes him a liar as well as an incompetent manager.

I call him an incompetent manager and perhaps that is unfair. But tonight, as an example, I would be hard pressed to think of any other adjectives to describe him. Tonight is a busy night. We are damn near full. Sports teams running wild all over the hotel. They were tearing up the pool area and fighting out there. Yet we need no security on the weekday. I received a few complaints and even had a bar employee call me to tell me what was going on in the pool area.

So I call the gm. He is of course not on property. I know this because there is no answer in his room. I call his cell and of course get forwarded to voice mail. Then I do the only thing I can, call the cops. Which at this point I feel like I'm looking like a complete fucking idiot because I can't handle what's going on in the hotel.

The gm calls back a few minutes later asking the dumbest thing possible "did you call?" Well no shit I called you, fucking jackass. Who else is going to call you inbetween the hours of 11pm to 7am? His great advice is to call the cops. Not that I honestly expected help from the guy. Like him going to the pool area himself to get order restored. That would be a sight to see.

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