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Tuesday June 6th 2006
Half-Life 2: Episode 1 2:05 am-
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Half-Life 2: Episode One came out on the 1st. I bought it finally yesterday. Another 19.95 blown on episodic content. I’m still not certain how I feel about this stuff. I do think that Half-Life and Sin are doing it better than Oblivion.

One Two
Three Four

I’m only maybe into the game ten minutes or so. Right off the bat you notice that the game is a little more polished than Half-Life 2. The characters act better. Or seem more life like. Not sure yet. Features included in this episode:

  • An all-new episode for one of the best-selling action games of all time.
  • Discover what’s become of City 17, Dr. Breen, and the G-Man.
  • Incredibly advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI (Artificial intelligence)).
  • Highly detailed environments, featuring High Dynamic Range lighting, provide amazing gameplay settings.
  • Digital Actors: The most sophisticated in-game characters ever witnessed.
  • Physical Gameplay: Objects obey the laws of gravity, friction, and buoyancy.
  • Design Team Commentary Mode.
  • Also includes two multiplayer games: Half-Life 2 Deathmatch and Half-Life Deathmatch: SourceTM.
  • Half-Life 2 not required to play.

For only being ten minutes into it I think the game is worth it. Which even after finishing Sin Episode 1, I still can’t say that. If you liked Half-Life 2 grab this first in a series of episodes. I wonder though about this episodic delivery of content.

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