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  • Wednesday March 1st 2006
    This And That 12:16 am-
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    Well it was not a miracle. The mouse did not appear again and the idiot punched in at 7:01am. The place will not change. It is a lost cause. A sinking ship. Honestly run for your fucking lives people. Employees are fucked, thats a given right? Guess what? The guests have it even worse.

    Get this. The train wreck that is the whole food and beverage department is doing a new continental breakfast. Details are sketchy at this point. But the stuff I know is a hoot. So when you the guest checks into the hotel, we the front desk give you a coupon. This coupon on the top (in bold no less) says:

    Complimentary Continental Breakfast
    6:00am to 9:00am

    Now you checked in to the hotel and there is more than one of you. You got the wife and kids with you. You still get one coupon. Just one. You could stuff the fucking Harlem Globetrotters into the room with you and you would still get the one coupon. It gets better. So if you and the Globetrotters wake up in the morning and decide that you all want to get the “Complimentary Continental Breakfast” and you notice the one coupon.

    You call the desk and ask for a few more coupons. You and the guys are surprised first that the desk clerk told you that they sell the “Complimentary Continental Breakfast” coupons for 3.99 a pop. Then you all of the sudden are totally confused as why you would pay 3.99 for something that calls itself Complimentary. Dictionary.com defines Complimentary as:

    Given free to repay a favor or as an act of courtesy

    Which makes me wonder if the chuckleheads at the hotel understand what the word really means. Because they honestly expect the front desk clerks to sell these coupons labeled Complimentary for 3.99 a pop. The worse part is that is says the thing goes from 6:00am to 9:00am. The restaurant (to my knowledge) opens at 6:30am when the lazy fuckers come in on time over there. Which is very rare.

    I plan to treat this bullshit just like I do with the bus tickets. That’s right I’m not selling this shit. As far I am concerned this hotel does not have a place to eat. When guests ask where a good place to eat is I direct them to the places across the street from us. It’s hard to believe this but the hotel’s restaurant is in worse shape than the front desk.

    It should be said that this retarded pay for Complimentary Continental Breakfast was done away with. I am not claiming to have anything to do with it dying a painful death. I just wanted to make it known that it is dead.

    Now they give away a free hot breakfast. with a choice of eggs, bacon or sausage, toast, and coffee. It’s served from 6:30am to 10:00am Sunday to Thursday.

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