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Thursday January 26th 2006
Firefly 5:40 am-
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So I recently discovered Firefly. Now I realize that it’s a case of too little too late. Firefly being the Josh “Buffy” Whedon sci-fi show that just melds the western genre so well into it’s science fiction setting. I only watched maybe one or two episodes when it was on tv. It’s one of those shows that just clicked for me. The movie was also very good. But the ending has left me feeling a little down as demonstrated by this chat with Gawain:

[05:08] Turk: now that I got it on dvd
[05:09] Turk: I’m going to end up writing a long ass post on how wrong it was to kill wash
[05:09] Turk: so wrong
[05:09] Turk: poor wash
[05:10] Gawain: jesus why don’t you write some fanfic about him coming back to life in some kind of bizarre alternate reality. Or better yet, have picard bring him through some kind of rift in space to TNG.
[05:10] Gawain: fanboy.
[05:10] Turk: I just may
[05:10] Gawain: lol

I am of course talking about Hoban Washburne the pilot of the Serenity. One can only mourn him in their own way. A moment of silence please. I’m really bummed over it. A great character from a great show. I mourn the show even more. Add it to the list of sci-fi shows canceled before they should have been.

It should be mentioned that I dug this show so much after watching it that I had to go out and buy the actual dvd’s of the tv show and movie. I felt that downloading this one from a torrent was sort of dirty. It really is worth the purchase if your a fan of science fiction. Now that moment of silence in honor of poor Wash.

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