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Monday August 29th 2005
City Of Heroes Again 5:54 pm-
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I really blame this on Kiltorn and his post in the forums. That and of course I’ve just not felt really at home in any mmorpg as of late. World of Warcraft has lost it allure. Dark Age of Camelot has once again left that stale taste in my mouth. So it only seemed natural after reading his post that I should revisit City of Heroes. I forgot how fun it is. I forgot how quickly things move in the game. I haven’t forgot my past issues with the game.

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Although it does appear that they will be adding the arch nemesis for your super hero into the game in the form of a stand alone sequel called City of Villains. The problem I have is that since this is not an expansion pack it means to take advantage of this feature you need to pay for both games.

For now I’ll just not worry about that kind of thing. I have to admit it is fun playing the game, especially since I’m such a comic book geek. I of course don’t expect it to last. I get in these kicks and they seem to only last a month. But I’ll concentrate on having fun.

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