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Tuesday August 23rd 2005
Dungeon Siege II Again 10:39 am-
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I picked up Dungeon Siege II and I’m having a lot of fun with. I’m having so much fun I only had these two screen shots. Every time I go into the game to get some good shots I forget all about it.

One Two

The last time I talked about the game it was in the beta stage still. I mentioned then how it had borrowed the Diablo 2 skill system. Well after just getting to the third act of the game I’ve come to the conclusion that the game borrowed a lot more than that from Diablo 2. At times it almost feels like I’m playing Diablo 2. The way towns work is a great example. Each chapter has one central location where you can do your business. You won’t find any other cities while your out in the field. So if you want to sell all the loot you found you have to hoof it back. Or you could use the town portal spell, another one of obvious things borrowed from Diablo 2.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t think that borrowing these elements from Diablo 2 make the new Dungeon Siege a bad game. It certainly adds to the game. But at the same time I miss some of the things left out of the game that was in the first one. Take the way your party was handled in the first game. Each party member was like a unit in a rts game. You could give them orders on how they behaved in combat. You could assign a few different formations to your party. And if you wanted the party could almost seem to play the game themselves.

And even though the games has just been released and there are no tools available yet some folks have already figured out how to make mods. You can find a few of them right here on my server. Or you could go to the source which is a number of places including Guru Dungeon Siege 2 Mod and some at Siege-mods.com. It’s definitely worth picking up if you liked the first one.

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