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Friday July 22nd 2005
No Air 2:26 am-
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Right now it is 70 Fahrenheit and do you know what that means for guests of the hotel? It means that the odds are good that they are sweating their asses off in their room. Now unless certain conditions are met this is how it pretty much works at the hotel. Our air conditioning in the building sucks. From what little I know about it, it works like this. On the roof are 4 chillers. These chillers are what makes the air cold in the rooms air conditioning.

Now the problem is that only 2 of these chillers work. So unless it’s really cold out or we don’t a lot of people staying in the place the air conditioning just doesn’t work well. And tonight we have enough people in the place to make those poor chillers work to hard. And the demand is to much on the system. So some rooms have little to no air conditioning at all. Which is something that I have a problem with.

For the last ten years or so it’s been like this. Every owner and or management team in the hotel has decided to take the easy route and ignore the problem. The costs to fix these chillers are to much for these people I guess. And it makes my job hard. It makes any of the front desk clerks job hard. Basically nothing is said to the guests when they check in. Why advertise the problem? No what happens is people either get a room where it works or it doesn’t work. And you can either lie or tell them the truth.

So you lie a lot. Of course I hate lying about this shit. It makes me feel like I work for a bunch of cheap sons of bitch’s (which I do). So I don’t lie. I just don’t mention it. Unless I have no choice. Like tonight for example. This nice old guy is checking in. He happens to hear me talking on the phone with a poor lady who has a room with no air conditioning. When I get off the phone the guy asks me if his room will have air.

I tell him the truth. I tell him I have absolutely no idea if the room he is going into has air or not. I say to him that he will find out before I do. What else can I really say to the guy? I will not lie and say yes the air will be working. I can’t say that. I do not inspect the rooms before every shift. I don’t have a clue what the rooms are like before a guest gets in the room. I just wish the owners would fix this problem. Because it’s only going to get worse.

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